Introducing CareerPath

Companies like Nike, MailChimp, InVision and more, turn to Treehouse when they’re ...

  • Struggling to hire developers quickly
  • Exhausted from battling competitors in the war for developer talent
  • Motivated to give current employees a great path to higher-paying jobs inside the company

CareerPath by Treehouse makes it simple to upskill your current high-performing employees into developers to quickly fill your open jobs. They’re already immersed in your company culture, so it’s much quicker than hiring and onboarding outside developers.

If you need to fill your Developer roles faster and increase employee engagement and retention, our CareerPath solution is what you need.

Here’s how it works ...

Great employee illustration

Great Employees
You identify great employees in your company, who are interested in a switch into a developer role.

Employee scholarships

Employee scholarships
Award selected employees scholarships into their new CareerPath program.

Training program illustration

Training program
We create an in-depth training program using our Techdegree, to mentor and upskill your employees into developers, all while they continue to work their current roles.

Custom Onboarding Playbook ilustration

Custom Onboarding Playbook™
We create a custom onboarding experience for your specific needs and help you transition these new developers successfully into your Engineering team.

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