Our Learning Platform

Treehouse for Business delivers dynamic content developed by industry professionals and gives managers the tools they need to effectively monitor their team's learning.

Engaging Videos

Easy-to-digest video courses simplify complex topics and make it easy for learners to stay engaged. Using a combination of screencasts, motion graphics, and live-action, our goal is to make learning interesting and effective.

Team Tools

Track progress, assign and create teams, encourage staff and download reports from the Treehouse for Business admin dashboard.

Interactive Learning

Our platform gives learners plenty of opportunities to put their skills to the test by incorporating code challenges and quizzes directly into their learning flow. Users can start coding right away with our built-in code editor, Workspaces.

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Who can use Treehouse?

Treehouse covers topics that can help bring new hires up to speed, arm marketing and support teams with more technical tools, and give management teams insight into their businesses.


Techdegrees for Business

Transform top performing employees into technical powerhouses with rigorous, outcome-based learning programs that take beginners from zero to skill-ready.