We help companies create diverse teams

Treehouse TalentPath connects you with diverse, talented developers who are just starting out in their careers. You can grow your company in a healthy way by focusing on Diversity & Inclusion.

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Get your team up to speed quickly on new technology.

You have a goal and you need to ensure your team can start solving business problems as soon as possible. With Compass, your developers can test out of content they’re already familiar on and focus on only new material. This means no time is wasted and you’ll have more hands ready to solve problems faster.

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Fill open roles with existing employees

CareerPath by Treehouse makes it simple to upskill your current high-performing employees into developers to quickly fill your open jobs. They’re already immersed in your company culture, so it’s much quicker than hiring and onboarding outside developers. Fill your Developer roles faster and increase employee engagement and retention.

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Whatever your need, we have a solution

We specialize in creating customized training plans for your engineering needs. Whether you need to train a team of designers in JavaScript, or want to create pathways for employees into your team of developers, we have the solution. Contact a specialist today to learn more about how Treehouse can help.