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TalentPath by Treehouse will help you scale your engineering teams, find new talent, and achieve your business goals.

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We believe the future of education is accessible and affordable. That’s why we’ve built the best online learning platform that has taught over 850,000 developers and designers the skills they need to succeed.
We’ve taken that passion and knowledge to create Talentpath, an outcome-driven program tailored to your organization’s needs. We go above and beyond to become a true partner by creating customized learning programs, rigorous training, mentorship, progress tracking, and more for your team.

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“We were impressed with their experience and we really loved the different way of thinking that they brought into our team.”

Alex Mestas, Co-Founder, EasyKicks

Alex Mestas, Co-Founder

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“TalentPath has brought a connectivity to the community that we’ve never seen before.”

Mike Mannsbach, President of MindBody

Mike Mannsbach, President

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Your custom, scalable hiring program —all in one place

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Highly customized program designed to fit your company’s needs

We customize each training program to fit the needs of your company and ensure job-ready talent. We train your new hires in computer science fundamentals such as algorithms, data structures, comparing runtimes, recursion, iteration, object oriented design patterns, language-specific methods for data manipulation, and more. We also give them the soft skills they need to succeed in your work environment, including complex problem solving, collaboration, grit, agile methodology, and more, as well as screening for your team’s values.

Continued support and mentorship program

Continuing Education
Identify processes/information needed for new hires, understand strengths/weaknesses to continually tailor their training, training in soft skills

Mentorship Training
Teach mentors how to effectively coach a new developer while balancing other responsibilities, set up mentorship success criteria to track mentor and apprentice growth

Progress Tracking
Day-by-day template (plug & play) for easy implementation and tracking, reportable accomplishments, continued Treehouse staff feedback

Take the next step in your diversity initiative and start building a long-term talent pipeline.