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What is TalentPath?

TalentPath is a partnership between Boys & Girls Club of Santa Maria Valley and Treehouse that trains you to be a software developer and places you directly into an apprenticeship with a tech company offering solid benefits., livable salary., meaningful work., work-life balance.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Maria Velley

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Maria Valley are committed to closing the opportunity gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with innovative and creative programs, activity ideas and resources for the youth we serve. After-school and summer learning environments provide unique opportunities to advance STEM knowledge and increase interest in STEM-related careers. We engage with our youth and help them channel their talents and natural curiosity towards careers and skills that interest them. We challenge our youth to think creatively and find new solutions to real-world problems. Learning and building upon coding skills will open the door to amazing career and personal development opportunities.

Selection Process

Do you live in the Santa Maria Valley?
Do you consider yourself a tech enthusiast?
Have you had an interest in building your own apps?
Are you just looking for the right opportunity to learn?

  • Apply for TalentPath
  • Complete a tailored set of online courses with Treehouse
  • Request a scholarship application for advanced training

Full-Time Student

Selected finalists will begin their Treehouse Techdegree: a 7-8 month accelerated online training program that can fit into your schedule.

  • This rigorous and fast-paced program will take a minimum of 4 hours of daily dedication with your full focus and is comparable to a full-time college course load.
  • At the end, you will have created a portfolio of in-depth, graded, real-world coding projects.
  • You will receive support from the TalentPath team via daily stand-ups and Slack to help keep you accountable and on-track.

Paid Apprenticeship

Upon completion of the training phase of TalentPath program you will enter a 3-6 month paid apprenticeship with a tech company.

  • After you are placed, the TalentPath team will continue to support and mentor you.
  • Treehouse has also created a Treehouse Apprenticeship Playbook™ which gives your employer a playbook to follow to make the apprenticeship successful.

What To Expect


We’re looking for people who are interested in a potential job in tech. You will be asked to complete a tailored set of online courses with Treehouse. These courses will help you decide if you enjoy coding enough to pursue a new tech career and commit to an accelerated training program.

Selection Process

Once you’ve completed your initial coursework and requested a scholarship application, we will work with our Community Partner to select students for the accelerated learning program.

Full-Time Student

Throughout your 7-8 month long accelerated learning program, expect to attend daily stand-ups with your fellow students and the TalentPath team. We will offer you support and guidance, while helping you stay on track with this intense training program. This is a full-time commitment on your part, taking a dedicated 4 hours of focused work each day. Treehouse will help should you get stuck trying to learn a new concept or while building your projects.

Paid Apprenticeship

Depending on the employer, you will enter a 3-6 month paid apprenticeship program. This is your time to apply all that you have learned to real-world applications. You will see first-hand what it is like to work as a developer at a tech company. The TalentPath team will still be there to guide you along with your mentor. And, we’ll work with the employer to ensure you’re receiving all the support you need.

Full-Time Entry Level Developer

Once you have successfully completed your 3-6 month Apprenticeship, employers will extend offers of employment to selected students starting at a minimum of $50,000/year, including benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and work-life balance.

"Talentpath offers a supportive community to help us achieve"


"I knew for quite a while that I wanted a new direction in my life. Talentpath helped point me in that direction and gave me the possibility of a promising future that I didn't have before."

Amber S, Acquia Inc.

"TalentPath is important to me for it has helped guide me on my path to becoming a software developer and choosing a path in the tech industry with tons of resources to pull from such as fellow inspiring devs, senior devs, and their recommended videos or articles on programming topics."

Raul A, MindBody Inc.

"When I heard about Talentpath I thought it was too good to be true. I was struggling to figure out what I wanted to do for my career and Talentpath offered an opportunity for me to learn about something that I’ve been interested in but never thought I would be able to pursue. Talentpath offers a supportive community, a generous scholarship and real-life experience for people from underrepresented communities. I can go on and on in regards to how great of an opportunity this is and encourage anyone who is interested to apply."

Geena F, Vacasa Inc

Ready to start your career in tech?

If you're interested in applying for TalentPath, please fill out our interest form and we will be in contact. If you have questions about enrolling please contact Matthew at

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