The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Maria Valley

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Maria Valley are committed to closing the opportunity gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with innovative and creative programs, activity ideas and resources for the youth we serve. After-school and summer learning environments provide unique opportunities to advance STEM knowledge and increase interest in STEM-related careers.

We engage with our youth and help them channel their talents and natural curiosity towards careers and skills that interest them. We challenge our youth to think creatively and find new solutions to real-world problems. Learning and building upon coding skills will open the door to amazing career and personal development opportunities.

Our software has transformed that vision into the world's leading wellness services marketplace, linking hundreds of thousands of passionate health, wellness and beauty professionals to the millions of clients they serve.

Your career in tech starts here

We're looking for people who are interested in a potential job in tech. These participants will be asked to complete two beginner Treehouse Courses in order to determine who enjoys coding and wants to commit to learning for the 7-8 month program. (Don’t worry - you don’t need to know anything about programming!)

Earn a Treehouse Techdegree

Up to 10 finalists are selected during the week of September 25th to begin the Techdegree course starting on October 1st. This 7-8 month course can be done at times that are more convenient for you (evenings, weekends, lunch breaks, etc) and typically takes about three to four hours per day. You'll be mentored by diverse tech professionals, Treehouse staff and program staff.

Get a paid apprenticeship

After completion of the 7-8 month Techdegree program, graduates will enter a 3-month paid apprenticeship with MINDBODY in San Luis Obispo, CA. After the apprentices are placed, program staff will continue to support and mentor them. Treehouse has also created a Treehouse Apprenticeship Playbook™ which gives MINDBODY a playbook to follow to make the apprenticeship successful.

Become employed full-time as a Junior Developer

Providing the apprenticeship is successful, apprentices are likely to receive an offer of employment with MINDBODY starting at a minimum of $50,000/year, including healthcare coverage and other great benefits.

Ready to start your career in tech?

If you're interested in enrolling in TalentPath, please fill out our interest form by clicking the button below or by downloading the form. If you have questions about enrolling please contact Jessica at

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